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Southfork Trinity – Class IV

Quick Details

  • Available Times
    • 10 a.m. daily
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Guided rafts

Class IV River Rafting Trip

Our most remote river, The South Fork of the Trinity, begins at the end of a seldom-traveled road, sharing this access with a home that can be reached only by crossing the river in a hand-powered tram. The rugged terrain kept even the hardy 49ers from settling its lush canyons. Folded rocks dazzle intrepid paddlers as they relax in the quiet serenity that separates the exciting rapids of this trip. Hardly a trip passes where a bald eagle isn’t spotted soaring overhead. Long Class IV rapids collectively referred to as The Three Bears, and a spunky surprise, Goldilocks, round out a great day. The South Forks flows northward in a north/south canyon creating ideal sun exposure for generating springtime warmth. Most years the South Fork has raftable flows into early May.

South Fork Trinity River Map