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The Main Stem of Trinity River in the Spring

Difficulty: Class III-IV

Season: March – June

Springtime on the main stem of Trinity brings big water delight. On the Pigeon Point run we begin one mile up the North Fork of the Trinity. One of the largest tributaries of the Trinity, the North Fork floats us past the historic mining town of Helena on clear green water that contrasts the swollen Trinity that waits downstream.

Those familiar with the Trinity in the summer will find that the spring river’s long trains of towering waves make for an exciting change of pace. The appropriately named Good Morning America shoots the raft through the first rollercoaster of the day. The Slot is an impressive river-wide hole, leaving the raft one good route through the rapid. Huge angling waves and lots of fun splashes take the raft through the Tidy Bowls, and the surprisingly large waves of Hells Gate arise unexpectedly. Hell Hole, still impressive and challenging but missing its steep drops is unrecognizable as the summertime waterfall. Sailor Bar’s large and splashy diagonal waves bank the raft around the corner. Pinball still contains large rocks that require technical back paddling. The last Class III before Big Flat, Fishtail, is still long, and now also contains the largest hole of the day.

Because the river is so swift in the spring, many of our guests combine the Pigeon Point run with some of the river downstream of Big Flat. Downstream, the rapids join to make a single rapid over a quarter mile long. Lickety-Split has a fun, swirling, and boiling eddy. Big French Creek Rapid boasts the biggest waves on the river and some very impressive though avoidable Moby Dick sized holes.
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