Inflatable Kayak School

Learn how to work currents and maneuver an inflatable kayak

  • Learn how to kayak
Youth (17 and under)

Inflatable kayaks give you freedom -- you're in control as you dart about, working the currents like a salmon. You'll learn how to use different paddle strokes, use eddies effectively, surf in holes, and control a kayak in Class III water. Trinity River is the perfect place to learn how to maneuver an inflatable kayak!

Inflatable Kayak School includes:

  • A full day on the Pigeon Point Run
  • Lunch
  • Shuttle services

About Us

Trinity River Rafting has been guiding whitewater adventures since 1988. We’re committed to providing you with personalized, high-quality trips that are affordable and fun!

We operate under the permit by the Shasta-Trinity and Klamath National Forests. We are an equal opportunity service provider.